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Cool SMS

When u feel sad, to cheer up just go to the mirror and say, “damn I am really so cute”. U will overcome your sadness. But don”t make this a habit.
Cause liars go to hell.


The time since I have met u, i have realized that a friend like you is worth million dollars…
So, if u dont mind…… Can I sell you?


I want you to be with me in a nice restaurant to have Candle-Light Dinner & say those 3 sweet words to you. Pay The Bill…


When your life is in darkness, Pray to God, ask him to free you from darkness and after if you pray and still you are in darkness… Please PAY YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL


,.+""-., ,.-""+,
G( -_-)(-_- )D Morning my best friend
Hve a wonderful Morning with a great big smile on ur face.


Good , ! /,
Morning _- O -_ ,_,.+""-._,.+""-._ ,+""
Feel d freshness & gentle touch of morning sunrise.
Have a wonderful day..!!


START of life

ART of life

PART of life

FRIENDSHIP is GIFT of my life



next generation child will sing : twinkle twinkle little cigar, i just went to royal bar, whisky rates are up so high, so drink beer with chicken fry :)


Tough Love

A dying man smells his favorite oatmeal raisin cookies cooking downstairs. It takes all the strength he has left but he gets up from the bed and crawls down the stairs. He sees the cookies cooling on the counter and staggers over to them. As he reaches for one, his wife"s wrinkled hand reaches out, smacks his and she yells:
"No, you can"t have those! They"re for the funeral!"


After a quarrel, a husband said to his wife, "You know, I was a fool when I married you."
She replied, "Yes, dear, but I was in love & didn"t notice"

Tcher: How Old is ur father.
Sunny: As old as I m.
Tcher: How is it possible?
Sunny: He bcom father only after I was born.


A MAN: U cheated me.
Shopkeeper: No, I sold a good radio to u.
MAN: Radio label shows Made in Japan but radio says This is all Radio PAKISTAN!


Fresh flowers for you
what are you looking for
have some sense
Its mobile dude.........


Little Inku went with his mother to a neighbour"s house.
Upon entering the compound a dog came running and started to bark at Tinku
and his mother.
Tinku was really scared and started to cry.
"Don"t cry, TINKU, you can see he"s wagging his tail as he barks -
that means that he"s a friendly dog"
"I am still confused - I don"t know which end to believe" Says Tinku


A lady calls Santa for repairing door bell.
Santa doesn?t turns up for four days.
Lady calls again,
Santa replies: I?m coming daily since 4 days, I press the bell but no one comes out


Man: please give me black colour condom
shopkeeper:why black colour condom????
man:my friend"s dead so i want to share the sadness with his wife tomorrow night


How 2 forget
love failure.
SMOKING ? no !
DRUGS ? no !

Then what..?


>> ZIM won by 7 wkt & series 5-0 >
Ken 199/10
Obuya 75
Bhudia 40
Creamer 4/31

ZIM 203/3 (35)
Maskadza 84*
Williams 63*
Matsikenyeri 50


Difference btwn
Skill & Intelligence?
Skill is successfully walking a tight rope ovr niagara falls.

Intelligence is nt trying sch stunts! :-)


FRiEND in difrnt langgs...
Iranian - DOST
German - FREUND
Herbew - CHAVER
French - AMi
Pinoy - KAiBiGAN
Dutch - VREND
Mexican - AMiGO


If ever in your life u r very sad n feel that u have lost everything, I�ll come, hold ur hand, take u 4 walk on a bridge and show u where 2 jump from

titanic was sinking. romeo; juliet i love u. if i cant live with u then i am ready to die with u. juliet; romeo i love u but i love my life more and i can live without u. saying this juliet jumps out of titanic and swims to the ground.
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